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Real spices of India have been famed throughout the world since times immemorial and have been closely associated with cultural traditions, magic, preservation, medicine and preserving. Taste of Indian spices have been found mention 7000 years ago in the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Arabia and China, far before the Greek and Roman civilisations came into being. In fact, India’s history has been re-scripted by the Europeans’ quest for our famed spices.

Jaya Food Industries, we understand the magnificence that Indian spices have stood for through many millennia and count ourselves amongst the custodians of this great heritage. For half a century, through the purity and quality of our spices, we have reiterated the sobriquet of ‘Spice Land’ for India. Our business footprint and loyal customers across the world are our testimonials for consistently delivering the finest grade of spices in multifarious forms year after year.

Jaya Food Industries is an Agro-based industry and has been conceptualized by first generation entrepreneurs with a vision to serve the farmer fraternity by way of providing them with cultivation technology, knowledge sharing on growing and harvesting, market linkages, fair price to their produce etc. The organization will work on the principle of “Farmer First” And Priority to Consumer Health.  We have always strived to improve the taste consciousness of the consumers through our continuous innovation and quality products. Right from the year 2006, when the company was founded, under the name Patidar Agribusiness Pvt. Ltd. we consciously and deliberately strived to broaden the taste
spectrum of our valued customers.

Patidar Agribusiness Pvt. Ltd.

Patidar Agribusiness is in a business scenario which deals directly with 5000 farmer’s back ward linkage throught out India who shares the crops cultivation practices, product development of farmers along with forward linkage of supply chain with Government agencies and Private sector A gradual and steady expansion of state of art of infrastructure along with innovative product lines has ensured that Jaya food has kept in tune with the changing trends of the agro industry.

In achieving its vision, the organization will also ensure that the interest of its stakeholders viz: farmer, customer, supplier, employees, government and especially environment is protected. The range of products that the organization will focus on is as follows
A. Fresh Products. B. Process Products. C. Frozen Products.


We Are Dealing

Jaya Food Industries is a major player in the Indian Agro processing industry. Jaya Food is in the business of developing Cultivation Practices of Organic Farming and manufacturing Spices, Food Product and Seeds Processing industry. We grow, source, process, manufacture, Supply chain, trade and market mainly Coriander, Turmeric, Chilly, Mustard, Black Pepper, Cumin, Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Fenugreek, Black salt, Asafoetida, Basil., Carom seed, Curry leaf, Aniseed, Various type of pulses and other seeds to various leading food service companies in India. Our core business lies in the area of cultivation, export, trading and manufacturing. We have embarked our presence in the Indian ethnic market and International markets, while the manufacturing units are located in the north Indian state of Rajasthan, Teendhar, Dist Jhalawar.